Your Questions
What is Vuvale?

Vuvale is a lifestyle platform created to empower people to live happier, healthier and more engaging lives.
Vuvale is a purpose-built Micro Village.

What does Vuvale mean?

Vuvale is a Fijian word that means ‘my home is your home’.

Our vision of achievement for others is embedded in a culture of sharing, collaboration and life-long learning.

When we think about Fiji, we envision a laid-back holiday without a care in the world. When you live or stay at Vuvale, we want you to feel like you are on holidays every day.

How do you pronounce Vuale? 

Voo-varl-lay. Vuvale is a Fijian word, meaning ‘my home is your home’. 

Why was Vuvale created? 

Vuvale has been created to be a lifestyle platform that empowers people to live happier, healthier and more engaging lives, to multiply its effects and encourage people to pay it forward.

Our vision is to make the transition into independent living easier and more accessible. If more people are given hope, they can find their purpose on their path to finding fulfilment. We do this by making the entry point for aspirational living easier for more people and cultivate opportunities that expose our guests to new experiences.

Based upon a fundamental belief that we are all the sum of our experiences; life is better when we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Enriched by people we surround ourselves with, we encourage and support through community, flexibility, convenience, security and environmental consciousness.

We believe that the quality of relationships and our surroundings are more important than the size of our living room.

Whilst our philosophy seeks to provide more opportunity for younger Australians, we embrace an all-inclusive approach where age is not a barrier for entry.

Whether it be a transitional period, or a long term stay, you have the ability to be part of a vibrant and caring community.

Is Vuvale environmentally conscious? 

This is a big statement, but we believe that Vuvale is the most environmentally conscious form of living currently being delivered at scale. We believe that we are making transformational change for all of our residents and customers to enjoy. To achieve this, we have considered every aspect of the environment from design inception through to end of life of the building. We love talking about the environment so if you would like any specifics, just ask.

Who is Vuvale catering to?

First and foremost, we are seeking out those who are good people. If you consider yourself a positive contributor to society, then you will head to the top of the queue because you are welcome at Vuvale anytime.

We embrace everyone who has a positive mindset and is aspiring to personal improvement.

We embrace humanity through celebrating our differences, uniqueness and individuality.
Your neighbours will likely be of different race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, ability and socioeconomic status.

If you are looking for a new direction in your life, Vuvale is a great place to be.

If you are seeking independence over dependence; seeking a hand up not a handout; seeking an opportunity better than your current situation, we will open our doors for you.

Vuvale is age agnostic, however our members are usually between 21 and 35 years old but if you are young at heart and are willing to make a positive contribution, you are most welcome.

We embrace travellers and digital nomads to come and experience the Vuvale lifestyle and share their worldly perspective.

Our members are curious and open-minded, looking for new opportunities to connect and learn new things. Our members are more likely to be a professional, with diverse career backgrounds or are actively pursuing higher education.

We are a place our customers aspire to live, rather than being a place of last resort.

Residents are invited to enjoy our regular calendar of exciting social experiences such as rooftop gatherings, catered mixer events, BBQ’s or presentations from thought leaders.

Check out the Vuvale community pages to find out more.

Vuvale sounds too good to be true.. is there a catch? 

We would like to think that there is no catch, we are just different from other rental properties because we have developed our operational model with the end users’ perspective right from the outset.

We believe that Vuvale is the best value housing and lifestyle proposition on the market bar none. If you share our philosophy of elevating life through sharing, collaboration and efficiency then we think you will agree.

3 months +
What is co-living?

Vuvale is a place that embraces the ideals of coliving, focussing on people and how they connect with others, rather than being about the building the people reside in.

Coliving is a living space where unrelated people voluntarily live together in a shared environment, that has an intentional communal focus and is life enhancing.

Every resident will have their own private space, whilst also sharing with other residents for utility and amenity spaces, all of which is managed by Vuvale.

Is Vuvale a new living concept? 

Having a private space or sharing with others is not a new concept. What’s new about what Vuvale delivers is the variety of unique living arrangements which can be elevated and changed according to your lifestyle needs.

It isn’t just a place to sleep but to live, work, learn and play. A place that seeks to enrich the lifestyles of its residents and guests through community engagement and a cultivation of meaningful relationships through sharing and interactive experiences. It is a place where people have shared values of quality, community, independence and environmental consciousness.

Vuvale may vary in its uses and amenities from location to location, but would typically include rental living, short stay (similar to a hotel), coworking spaces and a wide variety of recreational amenities and social activities for all to share and enjoy.

How is Vuvale different?

We provide a variety of independent apartments and coliving suites to optimise your living requirements that offers an alternative to traditional housing.

Environmental consciousness is at our core.

Gone are the days where the building that you live in is the product. Instead, to create spaces that enable lifestyle as a service. This is achieved by placing the customer at the front and centre of everything that we do, the building is just part of how we facilitate the outcome.

Through community engagement and continuous learning, residents are encouraged to cultivate meaningful relationships through sharing and interactive experiences. It is a place where people have shared values of community, independence, environmental sustainability and an interest in continual growth through learning.

We think of housing as more than a roof over our heads and look instead to create unique living experiences for our residents.

Vuvale is free of rental bonds.

We provide fully furnished and serviced spaces in a single all-inclusive price.

Access to additional opt-in subscription-based services.

Flexible and convenient living, only pay for what you need.

Community experiences and shared amenities with a strong focus on health and wellness.

Some additional things you might expect to find different about your experience include:

  • Tech enabled for online check-in and check-out
  • Keyless and touchless access control
  • Guest Opt-in incentives
  • Barriers removed and democratisation of spaces
  • A vibrant environment that stimulates all your sensory channels
  • Friends for life
What are the apartment options? 
Vuvale offers a wide range of housing types to cater for a variety of needs. Each option has been designed to optimise your private space and supplemented with an abundance of communal spaces. Apartment types may vary from location to location, but the typical types include: 

Apartment type Internal amenity Tenure
5-bedroom apartment Shared kitchen, living & dining, two bathrooms Coliving
4-bedroom apartment Shared kitchen, living & dining, two bathrooms Coliving
2-bedroom apartment Shared kitchen, living & dining, two bathrooms Coliving or independent living
Flex studio Private kitchen, living & dining, private bathroom Independent living
Flex studio + study / infant nursery Private kitchen, living & dining, private bathroom Independent living
1 bedroom apartment Private kitchen, living & dining, private bathroom Independent living
Ambulant apartment Private kitchen, living & dining, private bathroom Independent living
Can I live with other people? 

Yes, Vuvale has a range of coliving options for you to choose from above.
You also have the flexibility to choose who you share with, or we can assist you in finding the perfect flat mate/s.

You also get to choose how many people you wish to share with depending on your needs.

Can I live on my own?

Yes, Vuvale offers a range of independent living suites. If you are seeking a greater level of independence, then select one of our private units that best suits your needs.

Is there a master lease? 

One of the key benefits at Vuvale is that we take the responsibility of taking on the master lease. You only need to take care of your part of the lease.

What amenities can I access? 

Please rotate your phone to landscape view.

Vuvale believes in the democratisation of space. Vuvale also believes in personal privacy and safety. To ensure that we strike a good balance of both, spaces are allocated depending on your membership subscription in line with the matrix below:

AmenityColivingIndependent residentHotel guestCo-workerResident guestConference attendeeGeneral public
Living & dining spaces within coliving unitsYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationNo
Recreation amenities in the residential buildingYesYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationNo
BBQ deckYesYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationNo
Laundry amenities in the residential buildingYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Parcel loungeWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingNoNoNo
Residence loungeYesYesBy invitationNoBy invitationBy invitationNo
Pool areaYesYesYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationNo
Virtual gymYesYesYesWith bookingNoNoNo
Wellness classesYesYesYesWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith booking
Main lawnYesYesYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationNo
Hotel lobbyYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hotel roomsBy invitationBy invitationYesBy invitationBy invitationBy invitationBy invitation
Roof top terraceYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Coworking amenitiesSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribe
Learning environmentSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribeSubscribe
RestaurantWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith booking
Hybrid Hotel dining areaYesYesYesNoNoWith bookingNo
CarparkingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingNoWith bookingNo
Private bike storeYesYesWith bookingWith bookingNoNoNo
Share bike storeYesYesWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingWith bookingNo
Bin storeYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
How can I apply to live at Vuvale? 
Anyone can apply. We have a variety of room types to choose from depending on your space requirements, your appetite for sharing common space and your budget.
How long does the application process take? 

The application process is easy. It takes a little more than 3 minutes. We strive to have applications approved within a few days.

Can I reserve a spot? 

Coming soon. To join the wait list or get in touch with us click here

Can I have a tour before applying? 

Coming soon. To join the wait list or get in touch with us click here

How do I apply?

We want to make the application process as simple as possible, so we have removed the need for lining up at property inspections and filling in pointless rental application forms that serve no benefit to the customer. Instead, you simply apply online. Select your tenure option, room type, stay duration. It is really that simple.

What is the application criteria?

Vuvale is not just a place to be, it is a way to be. This is what makes Vuvale different from most other housing types because we ask our members to embrace shared values as a prerequisite to joining.

A successful applicant must be willing to agree, sign and abide by our ‘house rules’. This is a list of values designed to make your life at Vuvale an awesome experience. These rules are designed to embrace respect and consideration for your neighbours, create opportunities for you to benefit from connections and collaboration, maintain harmony in the community and discourage those who do not share in the Vuvale ethos. These rules are non-negotiable, each one of them a deal breaker and they go hand in hand with our ‘no dickheads’ policy.

What documents/permissions are required? 

During the application process, we will ask you to upload required documents or seek permission to conduct the background check and complete a personal preferences questionnaire.

Documents may include but are not limited to:

  • government ID
  • bank statements
  • employment/student status
  • tax returns
  • Upon receipt of these documents, we will review them and respond within 24 hours.

Once approved, you will receive ​an agreement to sign electronically and an online invoice is produced. After signing and payment you will officially be a Vuvale Member.

How long can I live at Vuvale?

Vuvale is both a hybrid hotel and a coliving residence. This gives our guests great flexibility in the duration of their stay.

In the Hybrid hotel you can stay for 1 night, up to 28 days. There are also flex spaces designed to cater for extended stays between 29 – 89 days.

The residences have a minimum 90 days stay; however, we hope you want to stay forever.
We are happy to discuss long term tenancy agreements if you are seeking long term security.

How many people per apartment are there? 

This depends on the apartment you select, but as a rule of thumb there cannot be more than two people in any single room. That means you can live alone or in an apartment with up to 10 people.

What is the size of my room?

Check out typical room arrangement options when you do the online tour. You will find that our rooms are generous in comparison to typical apartment layouts.

What is included in my rent?

Beyond living & connecting with an open-minded community, your rental price includes:

  • a fully furnished suite
  • a fully appointed kitchen
  • bed linen and towel quota
  • a tech-friendly environment (access to our mobile application, Wi-Fi, streaming, keyless room)
  • a utility-cost quota for power and water
  • regular room cleaning
  • access to the common spaces including lounge, games area, study area, gym, rooftop, swimming pool (where available)
  • access to social events and group activities
  • access to group travel discounts
  • a community of new friends
  • an exclusive Vuvale membership
  • discounted hotel room rates for family and friends
What isn’t included in my rent?

Vuvale has been created to reduce the reliance on private motor vehicle reliance. 

In fact, we think you won’t need to own a car at all. Vuvale is motivated to save you money and be environmentally minded at the same time.

Consider the reasons why you might need a car and how we can save you time, money and inconvenience of car ownership:


Why you think you need a car?

Why we think you do not need a car at Vuvale?

Drive to work 

We have highly appointed coworking onsite, reducing your need to drive to work.

We can offer your employer packages to work remotely.

Vuvale is located close to public transport as an alternative.

Get to Uni / Tafe

Book one of our vehicle shares and use on demand.

Jump on one of our eBikes if it is nearby.

Rat running – clothes shopping, getting hair cut

We are located within walking distance of a major shopping centre, so it is easy to walk.

Grocery shopping

We have dedicated parcel delivery onsite so get your groceries delivered for you.

Go out for lunch

Eat in our restaurant, walk or bike ride to nearby dining establishments, take public transport or take a ride share.


Vuvale is located within walking distance of many local sporting amenities – aquatic centre, gym, sport fields, walking and bike trails etc.

We have an onsite virtual gym and pool.


Most locations have an onsite wellness spa, swimming pool and regular wellness events.

Go to the beach

Arrange a group of Vuvale friends and car-pool in one of our share vehicles.

Visit family out of town

Book one of our share vehicles and use on demand.

To pollute the environment

We are doing our best to limit your need to pollute the environment by reducing reliance on private motor vehicle consumption and use. 

Freedom to go where I want, whenever I want

Saving the cost of a car purchase and saving the ongoing upkeep could help you save a deposit for your own home 3-5 years faster.

Because I love buying petrol and paying to service my car

Never buy petrol again, never pay to service your car again.

I love buying cars so I can pay stamp duty

Stop donating more tax to the government for no benefit.

I love selling cars

Avoid the inconvenience of selling a car.

I like to drive a nice car

Our electric vehicle options are pretty cool as well. Check them out and give it a try.


If you still need a car and require vehicle storage, then we do provide parking at an additional cost.

What upgrades are available?

Yes. We want to ensure that you can tailor the lifestyle of your choice.

On top of the comprehensive suite of inclusions as part of your residency, we also offer a range of additional subscription services, including:

  • transfer living arrangements
  • parking
  • additional room cleans
  • additional linen change overs
  • increased Wi-Fi speed and bandwidth
  • membership to the coworking space
  • laundry facilities
  • virtual gym membership
  • access to exclusive events and conferences
  • parcel storage
  • vehicle sharing
  • ride sharing
  • eScooters
  • eBikes
What is the availability?
Availability depends on our occupancy rate by location and is also determined by the type of room you are looking for.
Are rental bond payments required?

Bond free living is just one of the key benefits of Vuvale over other forms of rental housing.

Our goal is to take away as many barriers to entry as possible. We consider rental bonds as dead money for you, so we have removed them. Save your money and put it towards something else that will improve your lifestyle. Instead, we take an inventory of items and room condition within your apartment upon arrival and prior to your departure, we will audit these same items and the change in their condition over time in line with your tenancy agreement.

When can I move in?

Ideally the answer to that question is how fast can you get here?

We want to make the process of living with us as seamless as possible. If we have a space available that suits your requirements, you may be able to move in the next day after completing the questionnaire.

How do I pay my rent?

Upon acceptance, we will request your online payment details for your ease and automation of the payment process.

The first payment is pro rata to the end of the month. Then your rent will become due on the first of every month in advance.

Do I need to bring furniture?

You do not need any furniture. Vuvale suites are fully furnished and appointed. All you need to do is turn up with your personal belongings and we take care of the rest. That means you can save on removalist costs and relocation damage costs as well.

Vuvale also goes the extra mile to make you feel like a king or queen. We will also provide you with a quota of bed linen and towels every week. If that is not enough, we will also provide a regular clean all built into your rental price.

Is there a laundry room?

Yes. Our laundries are fully equipped with washing machines and dryers.

No one likes to do their laundry but if it has to be done, we might as well make it a fun place to be whilst you are doing it. Our laundry rooms are designed to be a popular gathering spot, located close to our outdoor BBQ areas, our community gardens and are appointed with games and music to brighten up your day. We cannot promise that you will love to do laundry, but we can promise you fun while you are there.

Can I personalise my private space?

Considering that your apartment is fully appointed by our interior designers, there really is nothing left to decorate. However, we can appreciate that you may want to make the space your own. To this end, we have a potting centre within each Vuvale location where you can pick your own pot/s and plant/s for your room. We also have walls that you can write on and pinboards where you can pin your favourite photos.

Is there a private toilet in my room?

If you have chosen an independent apartment, then you have selected a space that has a private bathroom included.

Our two-bedroom coliving apartments offer a private bathroom.
The four and five-bedroom coliving apartments have shared bathroom facilities.  

Can I change my living arrangements?

Vuvale’s vision is to provide you as much flexibility as possible to empower your lifestyle. We get that your personal situation may change from time to time.

Example 1:I am currently living in a coliving space. I just met someone. Can we upgrade to a bigger space?
Our response:Absolutely, if we have a more suitable space available, you can transfer to the new space as soon as you are ready.
Example 2:I am pregnant and the baby is due in 4 weeks. I think I need more space, but my current lease period is still 3 months off. Can I relocate now?
Our response:We will love a new addition to the Vuvale family, let’s transfer you to one of our purpose-built suites for newborn and infant families as soon as you are ready.
Example 3:I just got a promotion at work I need to relocate at short notice, but my rental period is for another 2 months. I really love the Vuvale experience, what can I do?
Our response:No need to worry, if we have a Vuvale location closer to your new workplace and if there is a space available, we can transfer you there as soon as you are ready.
Example 4:My partner and I have split up and I cannot afford my current space on my own. Can you help me?
Our response:We are here for you in good times and in bad. Let’s look to transfer you into one of our smaller independent suites or a coliving option as soon as you are ready. When your situation changes for the better, let us know and we can always transfer you back at your request. Is there anything else we can do to help you right now?
Example 5:It is time for me to spread my wings and go and purchase my own home. What do I need to do?
Our response:It will be a sad day when you leave but we are here to support you in your next journey. We ask that you end your agreed rental period, ensuring that you provide us with 28 days’ notice prior to your departure.
How can I extend my stay?

This is simple, either give our reservation team a call or go to the Vuvale App and follow the prompts to extend your stay. Make sure you do this at least 30 days before the end of your agreed term.

What is the cancellation policy?
This depends on your rate and booking type. Typically, a 14-day cancellation period applies prior to check-in. If you are already a guest, then a typical cancellation requires that you complete your rental period and provide 28-days’ notice of your cancellation.
How can I best prepare for moving in or moving out?

The move-in process is fully automated and done through our mobile application. Even your room key will be securely supplied to your mobile device prior to arrival.

When moving out, please note that in case of damages, the amount incurred to repair will be charged to your nominated payment platform. We will, of course, outline and discuss this with you first. In case of damages in the shared spaces that aren't the responsibility of a sole housemate, the amount necessary for repair will be split evenly between the members currently living in the suite.

Can I register my Vuvale address as my legal residency?

Yes. We ask our members to officially establish themselves at the beginning of their stay.

Is it possible to move between locations?

Yes. If there is a suitable, spare room or apartment where you want to go.

You have priority access over people not in the Vuvale network. You can apply for a new room directly through our mobile application.

Can I buy an apartment at Vuvale?

Vuvale is a purpose-built and managed rental housing operation.
State planning legislation and federal taxation laws do not allow for purchase of individual apartments at Vuvale.

If you would like to know more, drop us an email at

1 to 89 days
What are the short stay options? 

Vuvale is unique due to our variety in room options, duration of stay and tenure optionality. For example, Vuvale offers optionality that most traditional hotels cannot provide, including:

  • rooms that can be rented by the suite, by the room or by the bed.
  • room options that cater for individuals, families and groups.
  • spaces that can be rented from as short as half day to a maximum of 28 days.
  • we also offer extended stays from 28 days to 89 days in particular suites.

Vuvale can cater for guests who wish to stay longer than 90 days in our residential suites and rooms, like service apartments.

Vuvale also offers other amenities such as coworking spaces to cater for the corporate traveller and extended stay guests and offer the opportunity to collaborate with other creative entrepreneurs.

Vuvale offers a range of amenities that traditional hotels may also provide, such as a dining experience, roof top bar, swimming pool, outdoor theatre and a wellness centre.

Vuvale has also been designed to cater for lifelong learning experiences such as ideation sprints, hackathons and conferences in our unique learning environments.

How is Vuvale different from a hotel? 

Vuvale looks to break the traditional mould wherever we can find improved value and experiences for our guests. Some things you might expect to find different about our hybrid hotel experience include:

  • Environmental consciousness embedded in our DNA
  • No door person or bell hops
  • Tech enabled for online check-in and check-out
  • Keyless and touchless access control
  • Assistants and concierges that are present and visible to assist our guest experience
  • Guest Opt-in incentives rather than opt-out propositions
  • Immersion with the local community and its people
  • Barriers removed and democratisation of spaces
  • A vibrant environment that stimulates all your sensory channels
What can I do at Vuvale? 

There is always something happening for our guests to take part in and enjoy the experience. Many of our events are free of charge for our guests, some come at a cost and may require prior booking, so check out our online diary for upcoming events, times and booking requirements.

Vuvale also promotes events in our local community and encourages you to immerse yourself in the neighbourhood during your stay. Local events will also be posted on our online diary and directory.

What is included in my room rate? 

There's plenty of perks included in your rate.

  • Fully furnished room with bathroom/s
  • Free use of a bicycles during your stay
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Access to the common spaces including lounge, games area, virtual gym and swimming pool (where available)
  • Access to rooftop bar (where available)
  • Reception team available 24/7
  • Access to year-round calendar of social events and group activities
  • Bed linen and bath towels
  • Mini safe
  • Check our Opt-in incentives to save money and the environment
  • Access to the laundry room is available but washing and drying are not included in your rate
How can I make a reservation? 

Coming soon. 

To join the waitlist click here

When do I pay for my reservation?

You have a choice to pay ‘when booking’ or to pay ‘upon arrival’. If you choose to pay ‘when booking’, you can use a credit or debit card to pay for your booking. If you choose to pay ‘upon arrival’, you will need to provide a valid credit card at check-in.

Do you take deposits?

We do not take deposits for accommodation.

How can I modify my reservation?

Coming soon.

How can I cancel my reservation? 

If you booked directly through the Vuvale website, you can cancel your booking yourself via the ‘my booking’ page.

Depending on the rate type you chose and the timing of the cancellation, you may be charged for this cancellation.

If you booked through a third party (another website, your travel agent) you will need to cancel the reservation directly with them. You will likely find their contact details in the reservation confirmation email. Depending on the rate type chosen at time of booking, you may or may not be charged for a cancellation.

How will I know my booking is confirmed? 

When you make a booking, you will receive a booking confirmation via email. If an email doesn’t arrive, please check your spam folder.

For all bookings made directly via the Vuvale website or app, the email will come directly from Vuvale.

For all bookings made via other channels, the email will come from them. It means that if you need to make any changes or cancel your stay, you will have to contact them as well, as they are the source of booking.

What are the payment methods?  

Yes, Vuvale is a cashless operation, so you need a valid credit card to reserve a space.

Is payment charged at reservation? 

You may choose to pay at reservation, but it is not a requirement unless we have a special offer that states that upfront payment is required. You will be notified and prompted if upfront payment is a requirement of securing the special offer.

If you would like to change your credit card at check-in, that is fine with us. Just let us know and we can change your preferred payment details for you at any time.

Can I book with a group? 

Absolutely. We love groups. You can book a maximum of 15 rooms online.

To join the waitlist click here

What is the refund policy? 

We have two rate types: flexible or non-refundable.

Refunds depend on the rate type you choose when you booked your stay.

Flexible rates – refunds are possible as long as you follow the cancellation rules of your chosen rate.
You can see the cancellation rules on the 'rates' page during your booking, in your booking confirmation email, or on the 'my booking' page.

It may take up to 5 business days for a refund to appear in your account.

Non-refundable rates – no refunds or changes are possible with these rates.
You can see this information on the 'rates' page during your booking, in your booking confirmation email or on the 'my booking' page.

Is parking available? 

We have parking information for each location. If you require parking, please make sure you click the relevant box when prompted.

What ID do I need to provide at check in? 

We require that you to show a valid, physical (no photocopies) ID at the time of check-in. You should always travel with a valid photo ID. The following ID is accepted: passport or driver's licence.

Your data will only be used for identification, age verification and security purposes.

Please note: ID will be required for all guests in your room. The details on your ID must reflect the details on the provided credit card.

Is there a minimum age restriction? 

The rules are different depending on the location and the amenities provided.
Generally, you must be 18 years or older to book and stay.

All guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or a nominated legal guardian that is 18 years or older.
To visit our licenced rooftop bar, you must be 18 years or older.

To take part in one of our licenced events, you must either be 18 years or older or under particular circumstances may be accompanied by an adult or nominated legal guardian that is 18 years or older.

Can I have a late check-out? 
Yes, you can request a late check out and we will request a nominal additional cost to service the request.
How can I receive mail and packages? 

Yes, we have a parcel collection and storage facility, noting that this facility is not part of your standard room rate and will be charged depending on the parcel storage size requirements.

Can I bring my own bike? 

Yes. Vuvale encourages multi-modal transportation of all shapes and sizes.

If you're a guest, you are welcome to bring your own bike and it must be stored in our bicycle storage facilities in the basement. Bicycles are not permitted on the upper levels of the building.

Please make sure that you properly secure your bicycle as the security of the bicycle is your responsibility.

Are pets allowed? 

Due to current taxation laws associated with Vuvale locations, personal pets are not permissible.

But we know how important it is to have domestic animals as a companion in our daily lives, so we have resident pets. That way you get all the love and cuddles without the burden of costs, feeding and vet bills.

What is the Vuvale App? 

Vuvale is a tech enabled operation and we use applications to accompany you throughout your stay. The app will assist you in community life and will allow you to access all of the services and information.

Our members can use it to plan their move-in and move-out, check their rent balance, RSVP to social events, opt -in to incentives, obtain discounts to goods and services, access smart home technology, submit and track maintenance requests, get community alerts, book spaces and gatherings, update your personal settings, book a vehicle share of eBike, check the vibe on the rooftop terrace, secure a working space, manage parcel deliveries, access important house information and so much more.

Access to Vuvale App coming soon. 

To join the waitlist click here

How do I deal with unpleasantness during my stay? 
Every member gets access to our dedicated Vuvale app. Within the application, you will be able to report an incident or ‘add a wish’ to improve your experience.
Can I smoke at Vuvale?

No. Vuvale is motivated to provide the healthiest place to live and it is our view that smoking of any kind may have a detrimental impact on the health of others. Accordingly, our locations are 100% smoke free areas.

Is there curfew?

Some of our locations have socialising curfews within communal spaces. Other than that, there are no other curfews.

Are couples allowed? 
Absolutely. Most of our rooms cater for couples. It is important to let us know if you are in a relationship so that we can manage people and spaces accordingly.
Are babies allowed? 
Absolutely. We are constantly developing spaces to cater for all types of households. We have a purpose-built young family suite that is perfectly catered for an infant up to 2 years of age.
Can I invite a friend to stay? 

Yes, for a period of about 7 days per month and if your housemates agree with the arrangement.

Use your discretion - we like to be flexible, but guests cannot pose a disturbance to other housemates. If they are cool with it, we are too.

Will I feel safe at Vuvale? 

Your safety is our paramount concern. Vuvale is committed to offering a safe, comfortable and life enhancing experience for all of our guests. To meet our own vision, we must rely on our customers to respect one another. There are many things that Vuvale does to ensure that our places offer a safe environment:

  1. Every residential customer MUST undergo a Police check. If you have a criminal record, you will not be accepted into a Vuvale community.
  2. It is highly likely that a police officer and a nurse are living on the same floor as you. When you need them most, they will be close by.
  3. A successful applicant must be willing to agree, sign and abide by our ‘house rules’. This is a list of values designed to make your life at Vuvale an awesome experience. These rules are designed to embrace respect and consideration for your neighbours, create opportunities for you to benefit from connections and collaboration, maintain harmony in the community and discourage those who do not share in the Vuvale ethos. These rules are non-negotiable, each one of them a deal breaker and they go hand in hand with our ‘no dickheads’ policy.
  4. 24/7 onsite management including a customer concierge and customer ambassadors.
  5. Access control is via keyless and touchless entry, ensuring that our personal and communal spaces are secure.
  6. All of our locations undergo a ‘safer by design’ assessment to ensure that we are considering all aspects of our customers' safety.
  7. CCTV is located throughout all of our locations. The cameras are strategically located for your safety whilst ensuring that your privacy is also highly considered.
  8. If you ever feel that your privacy or safety is being breached, we have onsite staff to offer immediate support, investigate the incident, remove the source of the issue or assist you to transfer to a safe location if that is what you request.

If you compare our credentials to most traditional residential flat buildings, Vuvale offers peace of mind, every step of the way.

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